Bulletin – July 2, 2017

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Prayer for Canada Day

Eternal God,

whose reign extends from sea to sea

and whose care endures throughout the ages,

hear our prayers for our country:

grant wisdom to those who govern it

and respect for human life and dignity to every citizen,

so that justice may flourish

and all peoples live in unity and peace.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,

who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God, for ever and ever.


(from:  novalisseedsoffaith.com)

Happy Canada Day everyone!  Here is the July 2, 2017 Bulletin

Fr Bob Writes – July 2, 2017

Fr Bob writes: I have just been reading a moving account someone sent to me of a Polish woman and her husband who protected a Jewish family during the Second World War, thereby running dangerous risks as Poland was occupied by the Nazis at that time.

The readings for this Sunday, at least the first reading and the gospel , speak about hospitality and shelter being provided to those in need, and the blessings that accrue from these acts of kindness. The human person, unlike many other lower forms of life, cannot live long without food and shelter. Biblical hospitality is rooted in these basic needs. To wish another well in the most fundamental fashion is to offer food and lodging. Neither is a superfluity; without either, the guest would not survive.

We certainly practise these acts of hospitality, but one often wonders if we capture the significance of them. To invite someone to spend the night or to come to dinner carries a sense of the sacred, a very basic wishing well of which the one who invites and the one invited should be conscious. Awareness enriches what we do . Moreover, to extend this spirit to an emissary of Christ is to facilitate the spread of the gospel, to be consciously missionary, to be a partner in the guest’s work. We might well meditate a bit on the next invitation we receive – and on the next one we extend.

Happy Canada Day to all our parishioners!!

Fr Bob Writes – June 25, 2017

“Everyone who acknowledges me before humans, I also will acknowledge before my Father in heaven”

We all pray that if ever brought before a human tribunal for our beliefs, we will remain strong. The present age has seen some examples of this happening, with Christians dragged before Human Rights tribunals in this country because standing up for what they believe in has “offended” someone else.  Or it may happen because a human law has been transgressed as being unjust in the light of a higher divine law.  In recent decades Christians used the defence of obeying a “higher law” when brought to trial for marching onto military air bases and causing damage to the planes etc, or going into abortion clinics to talk to women seeking an abortion.  These latter cases are more difficult and complex.  Discernment and prayer are certainly necessary before action is taken.

But it all proves that faith can be costly.  Conviction can often result in intolerance and hostility – on either side.  Yet charity must be the over-arching consideration.  Opposition is overcome with charity and understanding, as hard as that may sound.  But conviction is still necessary, otherwise faith becomes a weak and comforting construct.  Position-taking is not easy. But we are increasingly asked to do so.


Thank you for your generosity in giving to the special collection for Famine Relief last week.  Your donations have already been sent to Development and Peace, and they will be doubled by the matching program offered by the government.  If you were not able to give due to the short notice, please consider giving online, before June 30th, to ‘Development and Peace’ or to the Red Cross.  Donations received before June 30th will be matched by the Canadian Government.