Limited Tickets Still Available for Gracenote Concert!

Don’t delay…book your tickets now!  This Saturday October 21 at 7 pm, St. Philip will present a Fall Concert featuring Gracenote with their special guest Peter Dawson.  Gracenote is well-known in our area for their lively performances and never disappoint. Peter Dawson is a champion fiddler who will get your toes tapping as he shows off his award-winning fiddling. This will be a fabulous family evening of music and song and all proceeds go towards our Canopy Fund. Light refreshments will be served. In the parish hall. Tickets $15 per person in advance. Tickets & info: please email or call 613-762-5060.

Fr. Bob Writes – October 15, 2017

“On this holy mountain the Lord of hosts will provide…”   So begins our first reading this Sunday.  Going up on mountains was considered getting closer to God.  Believing the world to be flat with God or gods being up above controlling everything, it is understandable that people in all cultures and religions went up on mountains to communicate with their gods.  Where no natural mountains existed, people built ziggurats in Mesopotamia and pyramids in Egypt, the Americas and many other locations around the world.  The mountain in this first reading is Mount Zion, the mountain on which the Jewish Temple was constructed, in Jerusalem.  It was a symbol of the heavenly Jerusalem, a perfect city of complete unity between God and his people.

The first reading promises that on this mountain God would destroy “the shroud that is cast over all mountains.”  This shroud, or pall, could be interpreted as the curse of death which hangs over all peoples.  But it could also be interpreted as the attitudes which focus on our differences in ethnic, religious and national backgrounds and tend to divide us in this world.  The prophet Isaiah foresees a time when that shroud which keeps us from seeing things as they really are will be lifted, and people will no longer be caught up in separation and competition among groups. The invitation to the great feast contained in this passage will be open to people of all nations.

Vigil of Eucharistic Adoration in Thanksgiving for the Freedom of Joshua, Caitlan & Children

All praise to God!

Thanks to Mary, our heavenly Mother (Our Lady of Ransom, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Mount Carmel) and St Raymond Nonnatus for their intercession!

Joshua Boyle, his wife Caitlan and their three children were rescued from their captivity and we will be having a Vigil of Eucharistic Adoration in thanksgiving for this miracle received.  Join us anytime for silent adoration from 7pm on Saturday Nov 4th to Sunday morning Nov 5th (7am).

Please continue to pray as their healing continues.

Praise be to God from whom all blessings flow!

Fr Bob Writes – October 8, 2017

“Have no anxiety about anything…”  So begins our second reading today from S Paul’s letter to the community at Philippi.  It is edifying to remember that Paul is speaking these words from prison, where each moment he faced the possibility of a violent death.  Yet his concern is not with himself or his own fate, but with the members of the Christian Church.

This passage, exhorting the community to peaceful relationships, has its own sense of serenity, and is a striking appeal to love and respect whatever in life is wholesome and sound.  Paul instructs the community to follow his example and put aside their preoccupations and turn to the Lord in prayer.  Then that gift of God which is his peace will be theirs.

Biblical peace springs from harmonious relations between God and his people and then among the people themselves.  It is found when one turns his or her life over to the crucified and risen Christ.  This is clearly what Paul himself has done.  Thus he can be at peace whatever fate awaits him.  What about you – can you say the same?