Fr Bob Writes – Nov 26, 2017 – Feast of Christ, Universal King

On the news this last week, we saw yet another coup in Africa, this time in Zimbabwe.  We saw President Mugabe still remain nominally head of the country, but in effect, the real power was in the hands of the army.  Mugabe reigned, but did not govern.

This weekend we celebrate the feast of Jesus Christ, Universal King.  In reality, for many Catholics, Jesus may be honored as Lord and King, but the truth is he does not hold Lordship over their lives.  They still govern their own lives, make their own decisions, and, while going to Mass to give him objective worship, for the rest of the week, they pay no more attention to him, than they do to the Queen of England.  She is Head of Canada, but effectively she does not govern.  Jesus reigns in our lives, but he does not govern.

Many of us Catholics have Jesus on our lips, but ourselves on the throne of our hearts.  When was the last time that we sought his guidance for major decisions in our lives?  At the wedding feast of Cana, Mary told the servants “Do whatever he tells you.”  That should still be the benchmark for our lives, that we would “do whatever he tells us.”  But how many of us take the time to go into the quiet place of prayer, to seek his guidance for our lives?

As we gather to celebrate the feast which closes off the church’s year, how many of us are willing to carry out a coup – remove self from the throne of our hearts, and install Christ there instead?