General Parish News

St. Philip Parish Accepting Quotes for 2017-2018 Snow Clearing Service

St. Philip Parish is requesting bids to provide snow clearing/salting services for the 2018-2019 snow season. Requirements include 1) clear snow and lay sand/ salt in/ around the parking lot, the walkways and the steps surrounding the church, parish hall and rectory, 2) have $2 million insurance liability and WSIB coverage, 3) no snow accumulation maximum, 4) provide a salt bin and required salt for parish use, and 5) work to be performed as required, by 8am for overnight snow/ice fall, before weekday evening events and weekend Masses.

Deadline is Sunday, Oct 7.

Contact Pat McIver, TAC Chair at 613-864-8679 for more info.

Sacraments for Students in Grade Two and Grade 6

If you attend St Philips or St Clares parish, reside in Richmond proper or if your child goes to St Philip school in Richmond, we welcome you to register for the sacraments of First Reconciliation (grade 2), First Eucharist (grade 2) and Confirmation (grade 6).  Parents and students should plan now to attend our one and only registration night:  Wednesday September 26th.  Please see the attached files with important dates to add to your calendar.

Confirmation-Save these Dates

First Communion-Reconcilication-Save the Date Letter

Fr Bob Writes – June 10, 2018

One of the major differences between the Bible and modern society is that the Bible takes evil seriously. Biblical faith sees evil as an independent force in conflict with the interests of God. It makes its appearance in Genesis and continues through to the book of Revelation. A low point in Jesus’ ministry occurs with this Sunday’s gospel reading, when his opponents accused him of being an instrument of Satan. Their reason probably rested on his willingness to bypass Jewish law on many occasions in the interests of his mission. It is clear from Jesus’ speech, as well as that of his enemies, that evil was so real that one stood on one side or the other, with Christ or with the evil one. There is room for discussion about the nature of evil. But to say that it is simply a human construct flies in the face of biblical teaching.

Evil is yet to be finally vanquished. What Christ accomplished is still to be actualized in our lives. Evil is overcome by those who are brothers and sisters of Jesus, those who take his word to heart and live it. Evil exists. Its emergence in modern times in the form of the holocaust and Rwanda massacres, and Isis atrocities , among others,  speaks for itself. But it comes in many lesser forms. To do battle with evil is to live the Christian message each day. Conversions are just as real as is evil. Christ is still binding the strong man. A good beginning is to acknowledge evil, then take issue with it.  The battle lines are clearly drawn, but the resources are there as well. It is the force of good that overcomes evil.