St. Philip Church Temporal Affairs Council

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Duties and Responsibilities
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About the Temporal Affairs Council: (return to top)

Under canon 537 of the Roman Catholic Church, a temporal affairs council (“TAC”)(also called a “parish finance council”) is to be established in each parish and mission. This body consists of the parish priest and at least three other members of the parish community, and is accountable to the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Ottawa, through the parish priest, for the temporal administration of the parish property and assets. It is important to note that the TAC is an advisory body only, and while consisting of competent and able people, it is the parish priest who makes the final decision regarding parish property and assets.

TAC members are 1) elected by the parish in elections held for that purpose, or 2) chosen and appointed by the parish priest, to the TAC and serve for an initial three-year term. Members can, however, serve for one additional three-year term, thereby serving a total of six years on the TAC.

The St. Philip TAC meets regularly, usually on the third Tuesday of each month (excluding July and August).

Current TAC Members: (return to top)

Term Expires Contact
Pastor Fr. Bob Poole n/a 613-838-2314
Chair: Pat McIver August 2019 613-864-8679 or
Sandi Dale August 2020
Jon Macdougall August 2021
Dcn. Louis Seward (ex-officio) n/a
Sharon St. Jean August 2020
Patricia Theoret August 2020
 David Vickers  August 2019

Duties and Responsibilities: (return to top)

The TAC, in conjunction with the parish priest shall:

  • attend to the temporal affairs of the parish: revenue, expenses, loans, investments, bookkeeping, repairs, constructions, contracts, sales, purchases, employee relations, salaries, etc., in accordance with diocesan regulations and policies; however, the bookkeeper need not be a member of the council;
  • establish, according to the principles governing sound administration, the administrative guidelines for the temporal administration of the parish;
  • prepare and approve the annual budget and publish the latter at the same time as the annual financial report; the council shall select the more appropriate means to enable the greatest number of parishioners to be informed as to the contents of the budget and the financial report, as well as of the overall financial situation of the parish.  While the finance council establishes fixed and variable expenditures for the parish, once it has set aside funds available for pastoral work, it is not to decide further.  Such responsibility lies with the parish priest and the pastoral council;
  • prepare, in accordance with diocesan regulations, the annual financial reports to be submitted to the diocesan administration;
  • designate one of its members to sit on the parish pastoral council as a full member of this council and accept one member of the pastoral council as a member of the finance council; (it is not necessary for them to attend every meeting. They must only exchange information as required).
  • attend to the proper maintenance of the buildings;
  • administer the goods of the parish in conformity with the civil, canonical and diocesan regulations pertaining to the temporal administration of parishes.

For any decision of the parish finance council to take effect, the parish priest, because of his assigned responsibilities, must be in agreement.

TAC News: (return to top)

Parishioners can read up on the TAC’s latest news items as well as past items by checking out the St. Philip’s TAC News section of the parish website.

Reports to Parishioners and Other Publications: (return to top)

  • September 2013 – Quarterly Report to Parishioners (ending June 30, 2013) (PDF)
  • November 2013 – Quarterly Report to Parishioners (ending September 30, 2013)(PDF)
  • February 2014 – 2013 Year-End Report to Parishioners (year ending December 31, 2013)(PDF)
  • May 2014 – Quarterly Report to Parishioners (ending March 31, 2014)(PDF)
  • June 2014 – PFC Report to the Parish Annual General Assembly (includes Parish’s long-term financial plan for major property repairs and renovations (PDF)
  • July 2014 – Quarterly Report to Parishioners (ending June 30, 2014)(PDF)
  • October 2014 – Richmond Fair Church Meals Organizing Committee Report to the Parish (PDF)
  • November 2014 – Quarterly Report to Parishioners (ending September 30, 2014)(PDF)
  • March 2015 – Year-End Report to Parishioners (ending December 31, 2014)(PDF)
  • May 2015 – Quarterly Report to Parishioners (ending March 31, 2015)(PDF)
  • August 2015 – Quarterly Report to Parishioners (ending June 30, 2015(PDF)
  • July 2016 – Year-End Report to Parishioners (ending December 31, 2015)(PDF)
  • July 2016 – Semi-annual Report to Parishioners (January-June 2016)(PDF)
  • November 2016 – Quarterly Report to Parishioners (ending September 30, 2016)(PDF)
  • March 2017 – Year-End Report to Parishioners (ending December 31, 2016)(PDF)
  • August 2017 – Semi-Annual Report to Parishioners (January-June 2017)(PDF)
  • March 2018 – Year-End Report to Parishioners (ending December 31, 2017)(PDF)
  • April 2018 – Quarterly Report to Parishioners (ending March 31, 2018)(PDF)
  • July 2018 – Quarterly Report to Parishioners (ending June 30, 2018)(PDF)

Reference Documents: (return to top)

These documents describe the role the TAC plays within St. Philip Church. They also outline some of the policies and procedures parish groups are to follow in the carrying out of their work.

Protocol for Parish Financial Administration (courtesy the Archdiocese of Ottawa

Administration Manual: Parish Finance Council (courtesy the Archdiocese of Ottawa)

Memorandum to Organizers of Parish Fundraisers – March 2012

St. Philip Parish Disclosure Of Parishioner Contact Information Policy (October 21, 2014 version)

St. Philip Parish Peru Mission Policy (July 2018 version)