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Family Fun Night Saturday April 20th, 6pm

St. Phillips Ladies Auxiliary is hosting a family fun night on Saturday April 20th at 6pm in the Parish Hall. We will be serving Shepherds pie and a fun evening of Bingo. Cost is $15/person or maximum $35 per-family. For more information or to purchase tickets contact Veronica Gervais at [email protected] or 613 791 2723. Tickets will also be available to purchase after masses in April. Please purchase by April 17th. Click HERE for the poster with full details.

“A Courageous Christian” – Fr. Bob’s Homily For Sunday, April 14, 2024

The following words were spoken by Pope Francis at his weekly general audience in Rome last Wednesday: “A Christian without courage, who does not turn his own strength to good, who does not bother anyone, is a useless Christian”.  It is clear, from our first reading, that this is a lesson that St Peter has learned well. In his speech to the Jewish people at the temple gate, Peter displays none of the fear and weakness that led him to deny knowing Jesus three times a mere few weeks before. Now he is so bold as to accuse his own people of rejecting and killing Jesus. Note the emphatic way in which he expresses himself: “Your God has glorified Jesus, whom YOU handed over and rejected …YOU asked for a murderer to be released, and YOU killed the Author of Life, whom God raised from the dead.” What Peter is doing is driving home to the Jews their complicity in having Jesus executed by Pontius Pilate. They thought they were doing the will of God, obeying their leaders and having Jesus crucified. But this same God, that they thought they were serving, has raised Jesus from the dead.” How does that make you feel?”, Peter is asking them. “What does that say about your relationship; to your God, when you did the exact opposite of what God wanted?”

It is never easy to let go of your own dogmatism. To change your settled opinion in the face of the evidence is a mark of maturity and humility that many of us hate to do, myself included. We would rather maintain our stance, and refuse to listen to, or accept, a different opinion to ours. We think that shows strength; in fact, it displays weakness.  It is a mark of true leadership, to be willing to allow others to change our opinions, if we have prayerfully and with fairness, listened to their arguments and come to the considered realization that they are right, and we are wrong.… Read more...

“I Shall Not Die; I Shall Live” – Fr. Bob’s Homily for Easter Sunday (March 31, 2024)

“I shall not die, but I shall live, and recount the deeds of the Lord”. So run the words of our responsorial psalm today, and they have an especially sweet resonance for me this year. A bare year ago I was preparing for the most serious surgery I had ever had in my life: open heart surgery to replace a leaking aortic heart valve. I came through that, thanks to the power of God, the skills of the surgeons and, especially, all your prayers. Every time I open my shirt, I see the long scar running down the centre of my chest and I thank God once again and declare that “I shall not die, but I shall live” at least for that moment anyway. Then of course right at the beginning of Advent, I came down with a bad bout of pneumonia, as I know quite a few did as well at the time. But again, God’s mighty right hand, prompt work by doctors and nurses, and, again, your prayers, were at hand for me, and I recovered in time to do some of the Christmas Masses. And, as I did so, I once again declared to myself: “I shall not die, I shall live” again, at least for that time. I am sure that each of you have had occasion to make that declaration yourself, in the face of sickness, bad news, relationship problems, job issues, etc. And, to cap it all, on the evening of Ash Wednesday, fire broke out in the steeple of St Philip’s. But again, no-one was injured, the fire crew did an outstanding job containing the fire to the steeple, so the main body of the church was pretty well unscathed, and we were able to return to holding our services there, and we know the steeple and cross will be rebuilt.  And… Read more...