Fr Bob Writes – March 23, 2014

Enjoy this Lenten excerpt from the January-February 2014 Scarboro Missions:

Fasting and Feasting

Lent can be more than a time of fasting.  It can also be a season of feasting.  A time to…

–          Fast from judging others;  feast on Christ living in them.

–          Fast from emphasis on differences;  feast on the unity of all life.

–          Fast from apparent darkness;  feast on the reality of light.

–          Fast from thoughts of illness;  feast on the healing power of God.

–          Fast from discontent;  feast on gratitude.

–          Fast from anger;  feast on patience.

–          Fast from pessimism; feast on joy.

–          Fast from worry;  feast on trust.

–          Fast from guilt;  feast on freedom.

–          Fast from complaining;  feast on appreciation.

–          Fast from complaining;  feast on appreciation.

–          Fast from negativity;  feast on affirmation.

–          Fast from stress;  feast on self-care.

–          Fast from anxiety and fear;  feast on faith.

–          Fast from hostility;  feast on peace.

–          Fast from bitterness;  feast on forgiveness.

–          Fast from self-concern;  feast on compassion for others.

–          Fast from discouragement;  feast on hope.

–          Fast from apathy;  feast on enthusiasm.

–          Fast from suspicions;  feast on truth.

–          Fast from idle gossip;  feast on spreading good news.

–          Fast from words that wound;  feast on words that heal.

–          Fast from talking;  feast on listening.

–          Fast from thoughts that weaken;  feast on promises that inspire.

–          Fast from problems that overwhelm us;  feast on prayer.

–          Fast from everything that separates us from God; feast on everything that draws us to God.

Adapted from a prayer by William Arthur Ward, 1921-1994.  Taken from the January-February 2014 Scarboro Missions