St. Philip PFC Presents Report to Parish Annual General Assembly

On Saturday, June 14, 2014 after the 4:30pm Mass, the St. Philip Parish Pastoral Council held its annual general assembly. This meeting allowed the parish’s various ministries to provide interested parishioners an update on their activities over the past pastoral year and to allow parishioners the opportunity to ask questions or raise concerns about what’s going on in the parish.

At this meeting and along with other ministries, the St. Philip Parish Finance Council (“PFC”) presented an update on its activities. In particular, the PFC released its newly-adopted long-term financial plan (“LRFP”). The ten-year LRFP attempts to identify the major property repairs and renovations that the parish may face over the next decade, and identifies potential funding sources that allows the parish to pay for these items. This document is an ever-evolving document, and will be updated annually in conjunction with the PFC’s annual budgeting process.

Interested parishioners can view the PFC’s assembly report, along with the LRFP, on the PFC’s webpage.

Parishioners who have questions or concerns regarding this document or any other issue that falls under the PFC’s mandate, are invited to contact any PFC member or speak with Fr. Bob. PFC members are also listed on the PFC’s webpage.