Father Bob Writes – February 22nd and March 1st

As we enter into another Lenten season, below are some reflections given by Pope Francis while he was archbishop of Buenos Aires:

“In the life of the disciple, Lent becomes an important time for inner reflection – a turning point – to shake our hearts out of the routine and laziness of comfort.

Lent, in order to be authentic and fruitful, far from being merely a time of observance, must be a time of conversion, of returning to the roots of our life with God. It must be a time of conversion that flows out of gratitude for all that God has given us, for all that he has accomplished and will continue to accomplish in the world, in history and in our own personal lives…

During Lent, through conversion, we go back to the roots of our faith by contemplating the immeasurable gift of redemption, and we realize that everything has been freely given to us by God’s own initiative. Faith is the gift of God that cannot but lead us to a gratefulness that will manifest its fruit in love. Love shares everything it has and reveals itself in communication. There is no true faith that is not manifested in love. And love is not Christian love if it is not generous and concrete. A decidedly generous love is a sign of faith and an invitation to faith. When we care for the needs of our brothers and sisters, like the Good Samaritan did, we are proclaiming the Kingdom and making it present.

Thanksgiving, conversion, faith, generous love and mission are key words for prayer during this time…I wish you a holy Lenten season.”

Happy Lent, everyone!!