Fr Bob Writes – Feast of Corpus Christi – June 7, 2015

This Sunday we celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi – the Body and Blood of Christ. Here is a reflection by Pope Francis on this feast.

“This evening (Solemnity of Corpus Christi), once again, the Lord distributes for us the bread that is his Body; he makes himself a gift, and we, too, experience “God’s solidarity” with man, a solidarity that is never depleted, a solidarity that never ceases to amaze us. God makes himself close to us; in the sacrifice of the cross, he humbles himself, entering the darkness of death to give us his life, which overcomes evil, selfishness, and death. 

Jesus, this evening too, gives himself to us in the Eucharist, shares in our journey; indeed, he makes himself food, the true food which sustains our life also in moments when the road becomes hard going and obstacles slow our steps. And in the Eucharist, the Lord makes us walk on his road, that of service, of sharing, of giving; and if it is shared, that little we have, that little we are, become riches, for the power of God – which is the power of love- comes down into our poverty to transform it.

So let us ask ourselves this evening, in adoring Christ who is really present in the Eucharist: do I let myself be transformed by him? Do I let the Lord who gives himself to me guide me to going out ever more from my little enclosure, in order to give, to share, to love him and others?