Fr Bob Writes – August 6, 2016

I was visiting the home of a friend of mine when she received a phone call inviting her to invest in a company selling life insurance.  Without missing a beat, she instantly responded: “Sir, I don’t need your life insurance.  I have the best life insurance of all – the blood of Jesus Christ!  “I noticed she had to repeat that a couple of times over, no doubt because the person on the other end of the phone line struggled to understand her meaning!!  That memory came to me as I was reading over the gospel for this coming Sunday.

Fr Dempsey once again provides an edifying reflection for us on this  gospel.  This is what he writes:

Have you made any investment for the future…stocks, bonds, annuities, retirement programs?  I might live to be 100, so such things are worth thinking about.  But 100 years is nothing compared to the eternity for which Jesus is offering a sound retirement plan that pays amazing dividends.  It does require an investment, however.  Few stockbrokers will advise you to “sell your belongings and give alms”,  but they’re dealing with more limited retirement programs.  Okay, it is wise to make some investments for your remaining time on earth but put more in your eternal account storing up treasures in heaven where “no thief can reach and no moth destroy”… also recession and stock market crash-proof.  Make that your true “treasure.”   The proof will be told in how you invest what God has given you and you have earned.

That leads into the discussion of being ready for the master’s return … being responsible for the duties you are given here in this world while keeping your sights on what you’re ultimately here for.  Early Christians expected Jesus to return within their lifetime.  For many, enthusiasm and alertness waned with the passing of time.  They got lazy, less focused on Jesus and more on things of this world.  It is not easy to keep alert for something that may be way off in the future, when so many things vie for our attention right now.  To what do you need to be spiritually alert today?  How can you remain alert and ready at all times?