Fr Bob Writes – September 4, 2016

Fr Bob writes : “Who can learn the counsel of God ? Or who can discern what the Lord wills?”

So runs the opening verses of our first reading this weekend from the first century B.C. book of Wisdom.  We have a hard enough time figuring out how to live day by day in this world.  How can we ever hope to understand things of heaven, unless God were to take a hand, and impart to us the gift of divine wisdom? Or as the writer of our first reading puts it: “Who has learned your counsel, unless you have given wisdom and sent your holy spirit from on high?”

And with that wisdom from on high, we can see earthly things in context and better understand things of this world better as well.  We trust that God, who calls us to live beyond what human nature alone would dictate, will inspire us with the gift of wisdom through the Holy Spirit in accord with the divine plan on our journey in this life.

All of us wish we had a better understanding of what God’s will for us is in this life. And it is the task of the Holy Spirit to impart that understanding to us, which is why he is called in the New Testament “The Counsellor” or “The Advocate.”  So we are in constant need of the Spirit to teach and guide us along our journey of life.

Which is why we are putting on the Life in the Spirit Seminars again this fall. Starting on Thursday September 8th at 7.30pm and continuing on for the following six weeks, these seminars are designed to bring us into a deeper experience of the Holy Spirit in our lives, so we are better able to grow in our relationship with God and develop the mind and heart of Christ within us . To this end, that our understanding of these spiritual truths will give us direction for our life journey on a daily basis.

Why not come along to the first seminar on September 8th and decide then whether these sessions are something you want to participate in?