Fr Bob Writes – Nov 6, 2016

November is traditionally the time when we pray for our beloved dead.  Pope Francis has several reflections for us on this season:

“Today, before evening falls, each one of us can think of the twilight of life.  “What will my passing away be like?”  All of us will experience sundown, all of us!   Do we look at it with hope?   Do we look with that joy at being welcomed by the Lord?  This is a Christian thought that gives us hope.  Today is a day of joy; however, it is serene and tranquil joy, a peaceful joy.” (Homily, November 1st, 2013)

Reflection:  Praying for the living and the dead is one of the spiritual works of mercy. Take some time to pray for those who have died, and consider your own death. Is your perspective towards death one of hope or dread?

“Let us think about the passing away of so many of our brothers and sisters who have preceded us, let us think about the evening of our life, when it will come.  And let us think about our hearts and ask ourselves, “Where is my heart anchored”   If it is not firmly anchored, let us anchor it beyond, on that shore, knowing that hope does not disappoint because the Lord Jesus does not disappoint!”

Reflection:  Are our lives anchored in the hope of mercy that comes with the Resurrection?   Do we live our lives as if this is true?  Consider where your hope lies and re-anchor your life in Christ if you have found that you have been drifting away.