Fr Bob Writes – Dec 4, 2016

elow is a reflection for this Advent season from Pope Francis:

“If God, in the Christmas mystery, reveals himself not as One who remains on high and dominates the universe, but as the One who bends down, descends to the little and poor earth, it means that, to be like him, we should not put ourselves above others, but indeed lower ourselves, place ourselves at the service of others, become small with the small and poor with the poor.

It is regrettable to see a Christian who does not want to lower himself , who does not want to serve. A Christian who struts about is ugly: this is not Christian, it is pagan.  The Christian serves, he lowers himself” (General Audience, December 18th, 2013)


During the Advent and Christmas season, we can easily fall into the mindset of : What is in it for me?  How can you continue to serve others this season in all things?

“For he delivers the needy one who calls, the poor and the one who has no helper.  He has pity on the weak and the needy, and saves the lives of the needy” (from this Sunday’s psalm