Fr Bob Writes – Pentecost Sunday, June 4, 2017

Pope Francis-Inspired Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Once more I invoke You, Holy Spirit;

I implore You to come and renew your Church.

Open our cold hearts and shake up our lukewarm

And superficial spiritual existence.


Anoint us with Divine Love in renewed experience

Of our Salvation in the Crucified, Risen, and

Eucharistic Lord Jesus Christ dwelling within us.

Fashion in us a life transformed by the encounter

With our God’s presence, and thus set our hearts

ON FIRE with enthusiasm to go forth boldly to

Evangelize all peoples, full of your fervor, joy,

Generosity, courage, boundless love and great



Let us know experientially that Jesus walks with Us,

speaks to us, breathes with us, works with us,

And that He is really alive within us to cure the

Infinite sadness of the human race by the Infinite

Love of God the Father.


We ask You through the intercession of

Mary, Mother of the living Gospel, Wellspring

of Happiness for God’s little ones, and in the

Name of Jesus Himself, Our Lord and Saviour.