Fr. Bob Writes – Feb 4, 2018

You have probably seen in the last couple of weeks the growing furore over the federal government’s attempt to change the rules for applying for summer jobs grants.  Many churches and other faith organizations rely on these grants to enable students to help with their summer youth and children programs.  But henceforth, these grants will only be available to those who agree to the government’s stances on abortion, same-sex marriage and transgenderism.  This new policy is one that officially discriminates on the basis of expression, conscience and religion, rights protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

LifeCanada strongly encourages us to join the growing campaign against this policy change by writing respectfully to the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and to Patty Hajdu, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour and expressing your opinions to them.  The following are talking points that can be used in your letter:

-I want to express my great dismay at this discriminatory application process

-It is the government, not these charitable organizations, who are contravening the Charter

-There is no Charter right to abortion, but there is a Charter right to freedom of expression, freedom of conscience and freedom of religion

-If you believe in a pluralistic society in which all views are respected, you need to respect the right of millions of Canadians who object implicitly to abortion

-Law abiding citizens of all stripes who pay taxes, work hard and who individually and collectively contribute to our society should not be forced to think as the government does on these important matters of conscience.  Mandated belief is draconian and an affront to democracy

-I urge you to reconsider this policy.  It is anti-democratic.  It flies in the face of pluralism.  You are marginalizing your own citizens for daring to think for themselves

-I would appreciate a response

There is no postage required in writing to Ministers at the Houses of Parliament

For further lines of possible action, go online to LifeCanada’s website: