St. Philip Weekly Collection Report

To increase transparency and accountability, the St. Philip Temporal Affairs Council publishes in the parish bulletin weekly offerings received in the collection basket. The weekly offerings received help to fund the parish’s ordinary operations (e.g. salaries, utilities, taxes, repairs and maintenance). This does not include those donations received through pre-authorized payment (which provide a reliable and regular revenue stream) or restoration donations (which cannot go towards paying the parish’s regular monthly costs.

For comparison, St. Philip requires $1,370 in weekly offerings made through the collection basket to cover its usual and ongoing monthly expenses.

As the parish only publishes a monthly bulletin for July and August, we will post and update the parish website with the weekly offerings.

St. Philip Parish’s collection amounts over the last few weeks were as follows:

July 7, 2019 – $1,270 | June 30, 2019 – $866 | June 23, 2019 – $939 | June 16, 2019 – $1,745 | June 9, 2019 – $1,327