Donating to the Parishes in These Challenging Times

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We can no longer accept cash or cheques – but we have two great options for donating:

  1. Send us an E-Transfer. Call the office for more information, or see this article for how it works. Our email is: stphiliprcp1819 [at] gmail [dot] com.
  2. Click here to make a online secure donation through today.

St. Philip Parish relies on approx. $1,300 each weekend from the collection basket. The basket represents approximately 2/3rds of the total collection revenues received in a year (the remaining 1/3rd represents donations made via pre-authorized payment) and about 40% of all revenues received. Foregoing one weekend’s (at the moment) collection basket proceeds puts even more strain on the parish’s cash position, as the bills must still get paid. 

Fortunately, the parish offers another way for parishioners and individuals to make donations: online. Since 2014, we have been setup with It is a non-profit Canadian organization that allows charities (like St. Philip Parish) to receive donations online for a small fee (4% of the amount donated). Parishioners can make payment using any major credit card or via their PayPal account. Individual will get an instant tax receipt generated by for their taxes.  

It’s a secure, encrypted website so a parishioner’s personal information is safe.

UPDATE (April 3, 2020): We strongly encourage people who wish to donate to the parishes to do so using While we are appreciative of donations made by cheque or cash, we are unable to ensure these donations get deposited into the parishes’ bank accounts in a timely manner. Furthermore, social distancing restrictions and civil requirements to stay at home and only go out for essential activities makes it very difficult for our volunteer collection counters to deposit these funds. Therefore, at this time, we are unfortunately unable to accept donations made by cheque or cash.

UPDATE (April 15, 2020): The St. Philip Parish TAC has issued its latest report and special financial appeal. Click here to read the document.

Click here to make a online secure donation through today.

For those parishioners and individuals who are not already signed up for the pre-authorized payment (“PAP”) service and who usually make their financial donation to the parish through the weekly collection basket, St. Philip Parish would be extremely grateful if they utilize the service to make their donations until we get through these challenging times.

Individuals who would like to sign up for the parish’s PAP service can complete this form, and email it to the parish office.

Parishioners who have questions or need further information can contact the parish office.

St. Clare Mission

Individuals who wish to donate to St. Clare Mission can also use the service. Click on the “Donate Now” button and select the “04 General Offering – St. Clare Mission” fund. This will inform St. Philip Parish that the funds are to be directed to St. Clare Mission.