St. Philip Parishioner Publishes Novel on Jesus’ ‘Descent into Hell’

It is one of the great biblical mysteries.

The three days Yeshua of Nazareth spent in the tomb are unaccounted for. What happened during those days? The Apostles’ Creed says that He descended into hell.

What happened there?

This novel envisions an incredible journey that Christ might have experienced, from the crucifixion atop Golgotha, to his burial, to the Garden of Eden Paradise, and, ultimately, into the bowels of the sinister underworld. Joined by choirs of angels and the Good Thief, Dismas, Yeshua encounters resistant and combative satanic forces jealously defending their dark prison of souls of the sleeping righteous biblical figures.

Accompany Christ on his divine rescue mission, and be part of this creative and imaginative take on this glorious mystery.

Visit Donna’s website today to learn how to purchase your copy of this book!

Fr. Bob has this to say about Donna Hawkes’ novel:

“So, we have a novelist in our midst! Many authors stay with the tried and tested for their first publication. But Donna Hawkes has plunged into one of the “great unknowns” of the gospel story. What actually happened during the time between Jesus’ death and burial, and his resurrection on the third day? With great imagination, and yet with also a solid foundation in Sacred Scripture and theology, Donna’s book travels breath-takingly between heavenly, earthly and demonic arenas, to seek an answer to this question, and to show how, in Christ, “all things hold together” (Colossians 1: 17). We already know Donna as a great educator, catechist and scripture teacher. Now we see her gifts of imagination, inspiration and edification come together in this great and daring first novel. Donna has made it known that any profits from the novel will be given to children’s charities. Thank you, Donna, for this wonderfully inspiring and creative work of art!”

Fr. Bob Poole, Pastor of St. Philip Parish and St. Clare Mission

This post is published with Fr. Bob’s approval.