Bulletin of November 13, 2022

Here is the November 13, 2022 Bulletin.

A Response to War

Eternal God
Save us from weak resignation to violence
Teach us that restraint is the highest expression of power
That thoughtfulness and tenderness are marks of the strong.

Help us to love our enemies
Not by countenancing their sins,
But by remembering our own
And may we never for a moment forget
That they are fed by the same food,
Hurt by the same weapons,
Have children for whom they have the same high hopes as we do.

Grant us the ability
To find joy and strength not in the strident call to arms
To grasp our fellow creatures
In the striving for justice and truth.

~ prepared by a Christian, a Jew, and a Muslim (August, 1990). From A Collection of Prayers for Peace, posted on the World Council of Churches website.