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Sunday Missals Now Available for Pre-Order

As a COVID safety precaution, we are still unable to place missals in the pews.  But this year you can pre-order your own copy and follow along with the Mass at home or in person.  Return this Pre-Order Form (with payment of $5. per copy) to order your own copy.  Full details on how you can pick up your Missal are on the form. This new Missal covers Sundays from November 29, 2020 to end of November 2021.  Don’t delay – pre-order today as quantities are limited!

Live-Streaming Financial Goal Achieved!

A million thank-yous to all who have contributed towards the cost of the equipment required to make Live-Streaming Masses a reality! Your contribution will bring Mass into the homes of many people in our community who cannot get out to Mass…no matter the reason.

Part two of our goal entails getting enough volunteers to make weekly Mass possible. To date, our two faithful volunteers have spent 26 weeks (and countless hours of time) bringing Mass to us. It would be unsustainable and unfair to ask the same two people to ALWAYS do this ministry. Our new live-stream equipment makes the task VERY quick simple … so all we need now are volunteers to man the equipment at Mass. Anyone comfortable with a camera or computer can do it! Training will be provided, and you will work with another person. Please consider if you (or any tech-comfortable people in your home) could take on one Mass per month (time commitment would be maybe 30 minutes before Mass, filming during Mass, and then putting the equipment away after Mass). Please call the office at 613-838-2314 to talk to someone who can give you the specifics. Thanks for considering it.

Thanks again to all who donated!

‘At-Home’ Vigil of Prayer- Saturday, April 25, 8am-4pm

Our vigils continue as usual…but in a different format. ALL are invited to join our next ‘At-Home Vigil of Prayer’ on Saturday, April 25 from 8am to 4pm by praying BY YOURSELF, IN YOUR OWN HOME.  This month’s intention is for ‘the release and restoration of hostages.’    Pray in any way you chose. Please choose any hour/any amount of time to join in prayer—our parishioners will pray individually, in solidarity with each other and with the world.