Donating to the Parishes

Last Updated on September 21, 2020

St. Philip Church and St. Clare Mission rely on the tremendous generosity of its parishioners and the Richmond and Dwyer Hill communities to fund their day-to-day operations and to maintain and repair their buildings (the Churches, the Parish Hall, the Rectory, the cemetery and the physical grounds).

For example, the annual operating expenditure budget of St. Philip Church is approximately $153,000, which goes towards paying for the following items:

  • Paying for the parish priest, the parish office administrator, replacement priests to say Mass and the parish bookkeeper;
  • Diocesan tax on parish revenues (donations);
  • Utilities (heat, hydro, water, sewer, utilities, etc.)
  • Repairs and maintenance on St. Philip Church, the Parish Hall, and other buildings and grounds;
  • Office expenses; and,
  • Pastoral expenses.

In addition, St. Philip Church also spends about $10,000-$20,000 per year on major projects and renovations to replace and/or renovate the parish buildings and other items within the parish.

Fortunately, St. Philip Church and St. Clare Mission are blessed with generous parishioners, businesses and other donors who donate selflessly to the parishes to help us meet these spending obligations.

There are two ways for individuals or businesses to donate to St. Philip Church and St. Clare Mission:

Online Credit Card Donation

Beginning July 2014, the parishes began accepting online credit card donations through the non-profit service This allows parishioners and other interested individuals or groups to contribute funds to either St. Philip or St. Clare parish to finance general operations, to help contribute towards the upkeep, repair and/or renovation of parish property, or for another specified purpose.

Tax receipts are issued to donors directly by and are sent by e-mail shortly after the donation is made.

Donations made through this service are subject to a 3.99% transaction charge that is withheld by, and the net amount is then remitted to the parish. Please consider this when deciding on the amount of donation you wish to give. For example, a $100 donation will mean an actual donation to the parish of $96.01; the residual $3.99 will be kept by to cover their expenses.

St. Philip Parish – Donate online, and select the “01 General Offering – St. Philip Parish” Fund.

St. Clare Mission – Donate online, and select the “04 General Offering – St. Clare Mission” Fund.

Online E-Transfer – Effective April 2020

St. Philip Parish can now accept e-Transfers. It’s quick and easy! For those familiar with sending e-transfers, just set it up as usual and email it to the parish email address (stphiliprcp1819 [at] gmail [dot] com). Send the office a separate email indicating the password. If you are new to e-transfers, the option to send e-transfers should be available on your online banking platform. Or call your bank or the office for details on how to set it up. Thank you!

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Service – St. Philip Church only

Form – Preauthorized Payment Plan Form (June 2014) (PDF)

Did you know that St. Philip Church offers parishioners the option of having their monthly offering automatically withdrawn out of their bank account? This option greatly improves the parish’s ability to manage its cash-flows, which can be adversely impacted during the winter months (as parishioners vacation down south to avoid the cold weather!) and summer months (as parishioners travel out of town on vacation).  Parishioners who sign up for this service help provide predictability and reliability to the parish’s finances. It also helps to reduce the burden on our volunteer collection counters by shortening the time needed to count the collection on a weekly basis.

In fact, the parish typically experiences a 30% drop in monthly collection revenues in the summer (July and August) and 20% in the winter (February) months. Sadly, the parish’s finances do not exhibit the same seasonal trend, thus causing a “cash crunch” during these periods.

Why not help out the parish by signing up for our pre-authorized payment service? This ensures that you are continuing to support St. Philip Church even during your vacation absence or you may not be able to make it to Mass. All amounts donated to St. Philip Church using this service are also included in the annual income tax receipt the parish issues every January.

At present, the parish has about 40 families using this service, which represents about 25% of “envelope holders” and about 36% of the parish’s weekly collection (donations) amount (as of May 2014).

Parishioners using this service are encouraged to keep their yearly box of envelopes for when they wish to donate to the special collections such as ‘Cemetery’, ‘Easter Flowers’, Diocesan collections or other collection requests.

St. Philip Church, and its Parish Finance Council, respectfully asks that all parishioners to consider signing up for our pre-authorized payment plan service! Simply download the PDF form, fill it in and send the form (with a voided cheque) into the office, and feel good that you are helping out the parish all year round!

Cash or Cheque – St. Philip Church or St. Clare Mission

Individuals or businesses wishing to donate money to St. Philip Church or St. Clare Mission can give cash or cheque and mail it to the Parish Office, or drop it in the collection basket during any one of our weekend Masses.