Children’s Liturgy

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The St. Philip’s Church Children’s Liturgy is a weekly session taking place in the Parish Hall during the parish’s Sunday 10:30am Mass. It encompasses an age-appropriate liturgy where songs and crafts relevant to that week’s gospel, readings or liturgical time of year are taught. The ministry, involving adults, instructors/leaders and teen helpers, serves children who have not made their First Communion, but older children who have completed their First Communion are also welcomed.

The Children’s Liturgy contributes to the St. Philip’s parish life by facilitating an environment during Sunday Mass that enables children to be instructed in the gospel in a way that is appropriate to their age. We also provide an opportunity for teens to provide ministry and role modelling for the younger children.

Year in Review (2013-14):

  • There were new additions to our team of instructors/leaders this year. We are thankful
    and blessed for their time and commitment to this ministry.
  • The number of children taking advantage of children’s liturgy has shown significant
    growth. We have been preparing materials for 25 children on a weekly basis. (previously
    10-15 were the norm)
  • For next year we wish to implement a more age appropriate program for children who
    have completed their First Communion

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Adult leaders are needed for this very important ministry and a minimal amount of time is required.
  • Teachers, parents of young children, or any other interested adults who are passionate
    about teaching children about the Word of God.
  • Leaders run children’s liturgy no more than once a month. Prep time can vary depending
    on complexity of craft chosen. As a team, there may be one or two meetings per liturgical
  • There are no special requirements or training required for this Ministry.

Responsible Ministry Designation: High.

For More Information: Contact Dana Kean at [email protected].