Parish Live Stream Ministry

Last Updated on January 28, 2023

To visit the parishes’ YouTube channel, click here. It is here you will find the live-stream of our Masses (when they’re taking place) and the most recent live-streamed Mass.

Live-Stream Masses at St. Philip Parish and St. Clare Mission

The need has never been greater for our parish communities to gather to celebrate Mass, and until COVID-19 is eradicated, having the capability to live-stream Mass from St. Philip Parish is the solution to bring us all together. Since April 2020, a couple faithful volunteers took up the challenge to record (and then upload) our weekend Mass to the internet – a process that takes many hours of their time each weekend. To save the parish money, they kindly have used their own equipment and time to create a process that ‘works around’ several challenges to putting Mass online. But it is a time-consuming and laborious process.

In September 2020, the parish community came together and fundraised over $5,000! to implement an audio/visual system that allows the parish communities to live-stream weekend Mass (or any other event taking place at St. Philip Church) directly to YouTube, in real time, and have the Mass automatically recorded and made available to parishioners for viewing at a later time. This saves our volunteers a tremendous amount of time each week! Because the Parish relies on Google’s YouTube service, parishioners can participant in the Mass through the web browser on their computer, or through the YouTube app available on a mobile phone, a tablet, or even through a smart TV/other set-top box! 

Ministry Members:

Ministry Co-Directors:Tom Chmara and Pat McIver
Members:Alex Borsodi
Tom Borsodi
Ruth Chmara
John Evans
Ada Gorrie
Diana Gorrie
Hayden Grant
Shawn Grant
Noah McIver
Cathy Wyatt
Dan Zanette

Volunteering in the St. Philip Parish Livestream Ministry

Our new live-stream equipment makes the job of live-streaming Mass at St. Philip Parish very easy. Anybody who is comfortable with a camera and a computer can do it! However, there is some physical labour and stair climbing required (e.g. to reach the balcony where the Stream Command is, to put up the cameras before each Mass and take them down afterwards, etc.). Training will be provided. Time commitment for each Mass is about 30 minutes before Mass and 15 minutes after Mass.

If you are interested in helping out in this increasingly important ministry, please email Pat McIver at or contact the Parish Office!